An exceptionally large and beautiful, solid earthenware figure of the type known as C4 found at the now destroyed ancient site of Tlapacoya, Mexico D.F. This type of votive  figure was created in the Middle Formative period in the Valley of Mexico, circa 1200-800 BCE. The entire figure was modeled by hand, and the features show the use of gouging, applique and burnishing of the finely tempered buff-colored clay. There are a few areas selectively tinged with fire clouds and the remains of red pigment. Measuring 8.50" H, the figure is in excellent condition, with some ancient loss to the upper right edge of the headdress, her left hand and edge of nose and lower lip. No restoration or repairs. Provenance: ex Merrin Gallery, NYC; ex Edward H. Merrin collection, 1968


Standing female figure


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